Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting the story

Welcome visitors. 

This blog about our trip to Peru has 17 numbered posts.

To read this story in sequence, at the bottom of this page, click Older Posts to get to Post #1.

After you read Post #1, to navigate to Post #2, click on Older Posts at the bottom of that page just as you did here. You won't get an "older post."  You get to the next installment of the story.   Continue doing this on each post.


To read a particular section, you can click the link below to whichever one you want to read without having to read the previous ones.  Your choice. (I figured this out after I originally posted this blog).

I hope you enjoy the story and the photos.  Comments are welcome on each post's page. 

Thank you,
Charlene Lamy Edge

Post #1 Why Peru in the rainy season?

Post #2 Cusco - the navel of the world

Post #3 The Sacred Valley of the Incas

Post #4 This little piggie went to Pisaq market

Post #5 Ollantaytambo - easy for you to say!

Post #6 Chinchero - "town of the rainbow"

Post #7 Chooo-chooo to Machu Picchu

Post #8 Our Machu Picchu Day

Post #9 Aguas Calientes - Hot Springs in a cool place

Post #10 Return to Cusco

Post #11 Cusco - Day off and night on the town before jungle escapade

Post #12 Jungle Day 1a - Getting Down to the Jungle: Tambopata River Expedition

Post #13 Jungle Day 1b - Tambopata Lodge

Post #14 Jungle Day 1c - Jane and George of the Jungle - Night walk in the Forest

Post #15 Jungle Day 2 - Lago Condenado

Post #16 Jungle Day 3 - Rain, rain, go away. Gallocunca stream

Post #17 Last post. Making our way back to "civilization"